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[7.9.07 - 10.15pm]

Gah, well here I am sitting in a boreing lecture at University, and they can't even get the video link to work right. So while they fix it I shall update my journal.

ummm what is there to update about...

University is pretty cool, but it's a lot of hard work. I got sick for about 3 weeks and missed alot of stuff, so between catching up and geting new work done I've almost no time to do anything else.

almost anything else ;)
Been out to the clubs once or twice. Only had drinks one time though, for the others I had to drive XD
The Cri is a shithole, but it's good for dancing. the Exchange is ok if you get there at a time it's not over run with bogans. Bombay rock and it's Voodoo lounge is awesome, though it gets some freaky guys from time to time. Monsoons bar is great! The sov is pretty good, though I'm not gay! Madcow is also good, though everytime I've been there it smells like sick .... yeah... haven't been to any places where you have to pay to get in yet, though we might be heading out this weekend, so we might try them then.
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I'm better [2.7.07 - 1.20pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I'm in recovery :) And I've never felt better..... 

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Bloody BMI [8.5.06 - 3.36pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Has anyone noticed that it's so hard to find your actual BMI on the internet?
I have like 3000 different results for different websites! 
Has anyone found a site that is reliable? 

Eg. I'm 174.5cm tall (which is about 5'8" or 5'9") and 54kg (about 118-119lbs) yuck I know.

and according to the different websites on the web i am 
http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/bmi-m.htm  = 17.8 which say is underweight
http://www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/dnpa/bmi/index.htm = 17.8 which says is a healthy weight
http://www.mydr.com.au/tools/bodymass.asp = 18 which say is underweight
http://www.halls.md/body-mass-index/bmi.htm = 18.1 AHHHHHH HUGE (but it also says 17.8 if i do metric...?)
http://www.dietandfitnesstoday.com/bmiathletes.php = 17.63 which is Underweight
http://www.sofeminine.co.uk/m/health/bmi.html (this site is cool, try it out and tell me how you do) =  17.6, says i'm a pear shape, storing fat on the hips and buttocks (now i know where to work out harder!!) They also say my ideal weight is around 62 kg!! Ewww!!
http://www.consumer.gov/weightloss/bmi.htm (i don't really know In though) = On the chart thing = 20 EWWWW :  on the Calculator = 18.1 also ewww

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Animal Experiments [8.3.06 - 11.34am]
[ mood | sick ]

I'm too sick at the moment to do any real bloging, so here is some random facts for you to chew on....

If you think Animal Experiments are Necessary Consider The Following:

* Less than 2% of human illnesses (1.16%) are ever seen in animals. Over 98% never are.

* At least 50 drugs on the market cause cancer in lab animals. They are allowed because it is admitted that animal tests are not relevant.

* When asked if they agreed that animal experimentation can be misleading because of anatomical and physiological differences between animals and humans, 88% of doctors agreed.

* Rats are 37% effective in identifying what causes cancer in humans. Flipping a coin would be more accurate.

* According to animal tests lemon juice is deadly poison, but arsenic, hemlock and botulin are safe.

* 40% of patients suffer side effects as a result of prescription treatment.

* Over 200,000 medicines have been released most of which are now withdrawn. According to the World Health Organisation, 240 medicines are essential.

* Thousands of drugs passed safe in animals have been withdrawn or banned due to their effect on human health.

* Aspirin fails animal tests, as do digitalis (heart drug), cancer treatments, insulin (causes animal birth defects), penicillin and other safe medicines. They would be banned if results from animal experimentation were accurate.

* When the producers of thalidomide were taken to court, they were aquitted after numerous experts agreed animal tests could not be relied on for human medicine.

* At least 450 methods exist with which we can replace animal experiments.

* Morphine puts humans asleep but excites cats.

* 95% of drugs passed by animal tests are immediately disgarded as useless or dangerous to humans.

* One is six patients in hospital are there because the drug they have taken had been passed safe for us on humans after animal tests.

* Worldwide, at least 22 animals die every second in labs. In the UK one animal dies every five seconds.

* The contraceptive pill causes blood clots in humans but it had the opposite effect in dogs.

* We use aspirin for aches and pains. It causes birth defects mice, rabbits and rats.

* Researchers refused to believe that benzene could cause cancer in humans because it failed to in animal tests.

* Dogs failed to predict heart problems caused by the cardiovascular drugs encainide and flecainide, which led to an estimated 3,000 deaths in the USA.

* Heart by pass surgery was put on hold for years because it didnt work on dogs.

* If we had relied on animal tests we would still believe that humans dont need vitamin C, that smoking doesnt cause cause cancer and alcohol doesnt cause liver damage.

* It was denied for decades that asbestos caused disease in humans because it didnt in animals.

* Polio researchers were mislead for years about how we catch the disease because they had experimented on monkeys.

* As one researcher points out, the ultimate dilemma with any animal model of human disease is that it can never reflect the human situation with complete accuracy."

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Well.... [7.10.06 - 6.47pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

I really never thought i would have a liveJournal... the things one will do for their ship *rolls eyes*

Ok, lets see how this party goes.

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